• COVID-19’s Impact on the Movie Exhibition Biz: Can Theaters Survive Until the Dust Settles?

    COVID-19's Impact on the Movie Exhibition
    Cheyne Gateley/VIP

    Exhibitors have been dealt a crushing double blow by the pandemic, which has forced theater closures and increased usage of the video streaming services that had already been taking a more prominent role in film distribution in the years leading up to 2020.?

    This is the focus of the newest 32-page special report from Variety Intelligence Platform (VIP), “Movie Exhibition & Streaming,” which breaks down how exhibitors are being affected by the unprecedented challenges brought on or compounded by COVID-19.

    “Movie Exhibition & Streaming” is the only special report from VIP dedicated solely to analyzing the theatrical business in the U.S. We regularly comment on theatrical business news, but this report represents our most comprehensive overview of the sector to date.?

    Similar to our other special reports, which span the gamut of media topics from the streaming wars to blockchain in media, “Movie Exhibition & Streaming” succinctly distills only the need-to-know information and guides the reader through the industry with over 20 graphics.?

    At the heart of this report, VIP looks to answer a couple of contentious questions that have cemented themselves with increasing frequency in recent times.?

    What long-term impacts will the pandemic have on the movie theater industry?

    And how will exhibitors survive the rise of video streaming services, which have billions of dollars at their disposal to fund star-driven original movies that completely bypass theatrical runs in some cases?

    This question becomes all the more interesting when taking into consideration how many consumers are likely waking up to the true original film offerings of SVODs like never before as the pandemic boosts at-home streaming activity and spurs studio executives to experiment more heavily with bypassing theatrical runs.

    Read on to learn about:


    The quantified impact and expected outcomes of pandemic-related theater closures on the 2020 domestic box office


    The key ways video streaming services are building out their original film efforts, and how this is affecting theater attendance


    Predictions on how the movie theater business will look once the dust from the pandemic settles and video streaming services have had even more time to develop their original film efforts